User Interface

I have created rich media for major motion pictures, dreamed up dual-screen games, designed responsive sites for global brands, and skinned mobile apps for pop stars.

User Experience

I have created personas for social networks, wireframed learning management tools, and overseen user testing.


I have run advertising production on tight deadlines, performed usablity heuristics to update builds, pitched concepts to clients, and led mixed teams of developers and designers.

Health Course

UX, Visual Design, Project Management, Account Management.

Health Course

A browser-based learning management system, Healthcourse allows healthcare educators to build complex lessons and evaluations with an online assestment tools. Working with the management team, I planned and redesigned a ten year old tool into a consistent, seamless web app.

Health Course

Accenture Technology Vision 2016

UX, Visual Design, Development Liaison.

Part of a campaign to promote Accenture's thought leadership, The Tech Vision's goal is to share the six emgering tech trends for the next year with business leaders. Working with a team I designed a rich media ad unit to sync with Accenture's brand and bring new interative possablities to their audience.



Visual Design

A join venture between GE and Safran Aircraft, CFM builds the LEAP Jet Engine. Working as part of a team I completely reimagined the website to support video, reposnsive layouts, and mobile. One of the challenges for this project was content was developed in parallel to design, so all pages were developed with dummy content.


Paramount – Interstellar

UX, Visual Design, Project Management, Development Liaison.

Interstellar is one of a variety of projects I worked on with Paramount. Working with the client, I designed and produced a suite of static and rich media placments that embodied the inspiring narrative of the film.


Paramount Sizzle Reel

Art Direction, Storyboarding.

An animated collection developed to showcase the teams works for Paramount over several years.