Phillip Matt Gardner, Design and Illustration


  • eChalk

    eChalk Interface Redesign

    eChalk, an SAS interface for teachers, students and school systems, asked me to redesign a significant portion of their system. I led a team effort to upgrade and rewrite a dated codebase with web standard interactive features.

    My Role

    Wireframing, UX Design, Visual Design, HTML CSS and JS Development.

  • Little Books

    Little Books

    Little Books is an ongoing self-directed project. This iOS native application offers a quick method for tracking your daily expenses. Its interface focuses on speed, ease of use and accessibility.

    My Role

    Ideation, Wireframing, Feature Definition, Visual Design and Development.

  • Exotic Franks

    Exotic Franks

    Exotic Frank travels the world, finding and grinding unique sausages. Justin Crawford, his inventor, documents his creations with high quality t-shirts for meat lovers everywhere.

    My Role

    Logo Design, Site Design

  • Reason Project

    The Reason Project

    The Reason Project is a non-profit dedicated to spreading reason and rational thought in our society. It was founded by Sam Harris, a well-known secular author, and his wife Annaka Harris. It boasts a growing community of over 10,000 members and advisors that include Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, and Salman Rushdie.

    My Role

    Project Management, Client Contact, Logo Design, Wireframing, Visual Design, HTML, CSS and JS Development.

  • Hop Studios

    Hop Studios

    The website was the largest component in an internal identity project that I undertook while at Hop Studios. Its style was guided by the Hop motto: Good. Clean. Fun. The project featured my custom designed typeface: Hop Normal.

    My Role

    Project Management, Wireframing, Logo Design, Visual Design, HTML, CSS Development.

  • Bird painting

    The Black Bird is Pursued

    I have no idea what that paint monster is doing on its back.


    Acrylic paint on plywood.

  • untitled


    This painting existed as a sketch for a year before I started working on it. It has changed significantly from the initial idea.


    Acrylic paint on plywood.

  • Amateur Planetoid

    Amateur Planetoid

    It's made of type, and has a secret message.


    Graphite on paper

  • Skeleton

    Skeleton Holding the Moon

    He is holding moon and a saw above a riot of shrubbery. A large knot in the wood forms the hole in his head.


    Acrylic paint on found wood.

  • Solid


    There aren't really enough berries on that island for him to eat.


    Acrylic paint on plywood.

  • Napoleon


    Based on the famous meeting between Napoleon and Czar Alexander, in the middle of the Neman River.


    Acrylic paint on plywood.

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